Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My pre-trip to-do list

I’ve been making this mental list for a while and with my departure less than two weeks away I’ve been feeling pressured to get everything ready while still enjoying the people and places here. So in no particular order:

-Spend time with and say good-bye to everyone out East (that was a tough and very emotional task)

some of the VA family

It's an old picture, but we're together!

Don Lee Center Staff Spring '10

Getting excited for Harry Potter World

-Get all my belongings from 7 years on the east coast back to Colorado (roadtrip!)
-Spoil Tommy rotten! (I love that kid)

-Serious family time (an ongoing process)
-Pack for two years in Africa (Ha! Pretty sure I’ll be working on that one until I leave for the airport)
-Attend a couple of Broncos games (two down and one regular season game to go!)
-Apply for my special passport and visa (applications are practical and logical so I’m good there)
-Spend as much time as possible with my nieces and nephew (finally saw some soccer games)

Ashlee & Jesse in back with Luke, Emmah & Amelia (l-r)

-Learn a bit of Portuguese (Fale mais devagar. A phrase I need to get down now.)
-Consolidate the stuff I’m leaving behind to help my mom out during any future moves (Eh, it will come)
-Get up to the mountains a couple of times (Vail, Steamboat Springs, Rocky Mt. National Park, Estes Park)

A view from the top of Vail Mt.

-Eat at Chipotle at least once a week and drown myself in diet coke (finally an easy one)
-Make a little money (Or should I say “get a job I enjoy and meet some great new people”. Darn you Regis Bookstore!)
 -Mentally and emotionally prepare for some intense culture shock (I’m not even going to touch that one)

So I think I’m doing pretty good with my preparations.  My mom and I have done a lot of shopping this past week and are making a solid dent in the extensive list the PC Mozambique desk sent out.  I’m fairly certain the majority of my 80lbs of luggage will be toiletries and practical stuff rather than clothes. I’m bring like 10 pairs of shoes (which is really not me) but I’ve got all my bases covered plus some “comfort” shoes. Packing should be a fun process.

Side Note -  I’ve been asked a couple times what little things I need for this adventure, so much to my dismay I am including a list of such items: single serving drink mixes (crystal light, kool-aid, nestea, etc), AAA batteries, US postage stamps, dry spices or herb seeds, pictures of the familiar people/places/things I love.

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  1. Girl how will you do all this in that time? And who is that adorable baby? Packing is sounding more resonable but I bet they have shoes there you will come to like and wear! Can you ship more back than you take with you? LOL. Will we be able to send you care packages? Been thinking of you lots. Now I see exactly where you will be I am so much more excited for you. I hope you can go to the coast for some teaching! And I hope you can go to Madagascar! So many animals and things to see there.