Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boa Tarde!

I have been in Mozambique for about a day now and am completely in love and completely overwhelmed (in a good way). Staging in Philadelphia went really well and I met a bunch of wonderful people but it didn't do all that much to prepare us for actually being in country.  The 15 hour flight wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but then I was able to sleep for 11 or 12 hours of it. And if you haven't seen WALL-E yet, its wonderful. I bonded with that little robot somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. My group (the second half of the alphabet) had a long layover in Johannesburg before our connection into Maputo and got lots of stares as we sprawled ourselves out surrounded by piles of backpacks and dufflebags.  We probably looked a little rough and ragged after our time in flight so I can't blame them.  The best news is that everyone's luggage made it with nothing damaged or lost. My half of the alphabet is staying at a hotel in the center of Maputo and we come over to the other half's hotel for training sessions.

Today we've gone over safety and security, water filtration and medical kits, gotten vaccines, met the ambassador and had our introductory language assessments.  There's a lot of information to absorb and my jetlagged mind is a bit stressed.  Overall though its been amazing. The food is great and the PC/Moz staff is forever helpful. We head out to our homestay in Namaacha on Saturday and will be there until December.  The training schedule looks intense between technical and language sessions but I can't wait to get started.

I don't know how internet access will be in Namaacha but I'll try to get on again soon to give more details and maybe add some pictures.

Miss you all!


  1. I'm so glad you are having a wonderful time already. I miss you like crazy and cannot wait to hear more. Love you!

  2. So good to hear you are there and settling in, though I don't know how settled you will be with the intensity of all you have to learn and absorb. I have told so many people you are there! We have a sister school with the high school Seth and Susanna went to, in Africa - Mercy High I believe is the name of it, though I don't know where. Told the sponsor here you are there! We are excitedly preparing for our trip to Denver. Leaving here on my birthday and have lots of fun planned with your family in a whirlwind trip. Can't wait to hear more about all that is happening with you. Love you!!

  3. Em, I'm so glad that you're with nice people! But I can't imagine people not being just drawn to you immediately. That cute face! I love you and miss you so much!

  4. Emily, the high school Seth and Susanna graduated from has a partnership with a school in Africa. I sent the sponsor your information and they are going to start following your blog! Who knows, maybe someday one of the students who is in this organization will be moved by your experiences shared to be in the Peace Corp too!! Their school is Mercy Care Centre School is in the Mathare Valley of Nairobi, Kenya. You can go to their website at Love you!!