Sunday, August 29, 2010

o problema da bagagem

I’ve had a week to look through my invitation packet and am starting to digest all the information and required forms. There’s the new passport and visa to apply for, resume and aspiration statement for my host country desk, life insurance, property insurance, safety guidelines. You name it, this thing has covered it. But what I’m fixated on now (all the important documents have been sent off) is the packing list. How am I suppose to decided on clothes, shoes, supplies and entertainment for two the next two years AND fit it all into two bags with a combined weight of 80lbs? Now I realize I’m not going to the South Pole and can buy things once I’m there but packing for a weekend can be stressful enough at times, packing for a two year long trip just seems ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong, the Peace Corps does a good job of listing the types of clothing that will be culturally acceptable (knee length or longer skirts/dresses, no spaghetti strap tank tops, etc) and weather appropriate (raincoat, good shoes, quick drying fabrics) but it’s an overwhelming task to tackle. I’ve never been the business suit, high heels, must get decked out to go to the store type of girl, so it’s not hard to leave those behind but the idea of not being able to throw on some shorts and a tank top is a bit odd. And where do you find ankle-length skirts these days?

Now based on the PC’s list and the blogs of fellow Volunteers, I won’t need to pack two years worth of ibuprofen or soap but some supplies are hard to come by over there. Looks like I’ll be loading up on AAA batteries, stamps, ziploc bags, drink mix packets and razors. And it seems like anything that has a solar charging option is good since electricity is not guaranteed. But one girl said that bringing her laptop and iPod was one of the best ideas because she had music, movies and word processing.

Which leads me to my first request of anyone reading this blogging adventure of mine: I need some new music and lots of it. I listen to almost everything (heavy metal is low on the list though) and love finding random bands and singers. So e-mail, text, comment, or facebook me with your current or all time favorite artist and help me expand my music collection. Thanks!


  1. ooh. how about cage the elephant and shiny toy guns? love you em!

  2. You know I'm zero help on music. I've got a mix cd you made me in 2006 in my cd player still.

  3. Of course I love this post Em! I just sent out some new CDs to friends, so I'll look some up and send them. Send me your address and I'm all over it. :) As far as long skirts go, I know you can still find them, but I bet your "long skirt radar" has been off for a while. Good luck!

  4. oh em i love your blog! :) i tear up with every entry. this doesnt bode well for you being so far away for so long. ive been buried under panthers hockey for a few months so my music collection is pretty terrible; but ill do some thinking for new music for you. p.s. why is mich posting at 4:41am? haha
    love you!

  5. From Aunt Julia:
    You should not taunt the "gods" with that cartoon with your history with airlines girl! I will get Sus and Seth on this blog and get them to send you ideas. They are much more cutting edge than me!!