Monday, March 19, 2012

We Are Young

I should apologize for my lack of updates lately. I find it hard to sit down and write when so little has been going on. I feel like my day to day life is boring and repetitive and can’t imagine anyone would want to read about it but my mom assures me it’s not really that dull. So, I’m going to do my best to give you a thrilling account of my last month.

Back in February our Central cohort went up to Tete Province to visit the lake at the Cahora Bassa Dam. A volunteer who lives up there was in contact with the primary lodge and when there was a confusion over prices he suggested a different place that might be more in our price range. So Audrey contacted Casa da Pesca and got our reservation set up. The guy assured us there was enough room for all 17 of us coming up and said something about a boat being ready. A large group of us arrived Friday morning on the early bus from Chimoio to pouring rain but as the clouds started to clear we gathered and got a chapa out to the lodge. We arrived and were arguing with the motorista over the price per person when we started to look around unsure of where exactly we’d be staying. We saw a couple buildings and a couple boats on the water but nothing that appeared to be a “lodge”. As we walked towards the water it was suggested that maybe we had to take a boat to the house or maybe it was hidden amongst the trees. Dan, a Moz17er in Tete, joked that if we were sleeping on the large boat in front of us he was never returning to Zobue. Sure enough our silent guides lead us onto the slightly dilapidated house boat and we started seeing bunks and a kitchen. Sure enough we had found our “lodge” – a two story house boat with 17 bunks, a kitchen, gas grill, bar area, huge table and cushioned sitting area! Thinking back to Audrey’s conversations with the owner you can kind of gleam that he may have been implying a house boat but Audrey claims that between poor cell phone rede and his South African accent there was no way to be sure. Needless to say we had an incredible weekend on our boat on the gorgeous lake surrounded by lush green mountains. I’m sure if you went around the next bend you’d see Hogwarts in the distance. Seriously, straight out of Harry Potter.  And where elsebut Mozambique can you accidently book a house boat for your holiday?

Obviously it was hard to return to The Dombe after that weekend but once I’m back home I’m always glad to be there. Getting in and out of there can be a headache but I get into my routine and I relish the peace and quiet.  My classes have been going really well (I got positive reviews from both a fellow teacher and my visiting APCD!) and the students are doing well with the abstract topics of genetics. I had nearly 75% of my students pass my first exam of cells, DNA replication and chromosomes so I think I’m getting through to them. I have since covered transcription, translation, the genetic code and mitosis. This week I am going to have them physically act out the phases of mitosis using colored ropes as chromosomes. I’ll let you know how that works out!

This past weekend we had another Central social/planning event out at Casa Msika. We went here last year for my friend Diana’s birthday and just knew it was a must return to site.  We’re able to get casitas and camping spots as well as use their kitchen to cook our own meals. It’s a beautiful spot within a conservation area near the Chicamba Dam. It’s known for great fishing and the crocodiles in the lake. We however left the fishing to the professionals and stuck to the pool. But like the good volunteers that we are, we had a little planning meeting to introduce the newbies to the secondary projects we have going in country. I am the provincial coordinator for Science Fair so the other coordinators (for Tete and Sofala) and I gave a quick spiel about that after introductions for REDES(Raparigas Em Desenvolviment, Educacao e Saude), JUNTOS (Jovens Unidos No Trabalho para Oportunidades e Sucesso), English Theater and Fuemo (our equivalent of FBLA). The Moz17ers are great overall but we are especially lucky with the group we got in central. They just fit right in and our excited to getting going and willing to take a leading role when they can. They are still in their first trimester of teaching so that takes priority but they are such a positive group.

I guess that’s it really. My days at site filled with lessons, lesson planning, working in the library and reading (I’m engrossed in that Game of Thrones book series at the moment).  I’m starting to plan my travels for the first school break in April and will be heading north to visit my good friend Meagan in Quelimane and other PCVs in Namatil and maybe even Angoche. I’m itching for a beach trip! Oh and I have eight months left in my service…but who’s counting!

Fun – We Are Young

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  1. Thank you, darlin' ........ I had already heard all this and it was fun and interesting to me so I know everyone else will love it!