Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rise & Shine

Aren't you all just so lucky to get three posts in such a short period of time!? Well don't get used to it because I am headed back to Dombe tomorrow!

Everything went well in Maputo and I got cleared to go back to site.  I enjoyed Maputo more than I thought I would but was over the noise and commotion and heat. Its just like any other "big city" where all the pavement, cement and buildings make it feel hotter and I miss the tranquility of the mato. Not to mention the fact that my students haven't had a biology lesson in like three weeks (no substitute teachers here). I'm excited to get back into the swing of things. And another big plus is that Mona and I's house is finally ready! We are buying more paint in Chimoio so we can paint our rooms and then we can move in. Y'all have no idea how big this is. But after living in the oven for three months we need some space to unpack, settle in and breathe! My computer died a couple weeks ago and I don't have a transfer cord for my camera right now but I'll be taking more pictures and I promise to get some up some how in the next month or so.

Thanks again to the amazing people who have sent me packages and mail. Its really an amazing feeling to open a box of goodies and get a little piece of the sender as well. Everyone back there has been so supportive of me and It means the world to me! I love you guys!

Rise & Shine - Guster

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  1. Safe travels back to Dombe! So excited that you will be moving into your new house and getting back to teaching .... doing what you have worked so hard to be able to do!