Sunday, February 20, 2011

Three Little Birds

I just wanted to post a quick update about life. I am down in Maputo for medical right now but am doing fine. I was having crazy back pain and trouble breathing during the night and in the morning and nothing seemed to be working. I saw a doctor in Chimoio and got all kinds of tests done but still nothing definite. The Peace Corps doctor finally flew me down here to see a specialist and get to the bottom of this medical mystery. This doc (I was hoping for House but got this quirky German guy who speaks like 6 languages but told me not to learn German unless I really have to) thinks it might be inflammation at the transverse process of my thoracic spine where the lower ribs come in. Now I don’t really know if that’s correct or if I am even using the right words, but I do know that it should be something treatable. I am now getting physiotherapy everyday which is a combination of ultrasound, electrotherapy and massage. I’m definitely not going to complain about a daily back massage but I want to get back to Dombe and school and my students.  I will be down here for at least another week and then hopefully this will have done the trick. But like I said, I’m doing well. I’m stuffing myself full of Thai food, ice cream, pizza, pastries and draft beer before I have to return to the mato diet at site! And there have been MOZ 14ers coming through for their mid-service medical checkups so I haven’t been alone and depressed in my hotel all the time. I was actually out until 1am a couple days ago – so see I’m not dying!
Oh and my hand is healing nicely and other than some slightly pinker skin you can barely tell anything even happened.


Three Little Birds - Bob Marley


  1. Oh girl, you are The Real Deal!

    I found a Cavin and Hobbes app for my phone a couple of months ago, so I get my daily dose: reminds me of the years when C&H were in the were a kid!

    As always I THOROUGHLY enjoy just being able to hear your voice like yesterday; video skype is still such a luxury!

    Store up the memories as you can while in the Big City: they will sustain you back in the bush!

    Love, Dad

  2. In addition to loving Calvin and Hobbes, you know that "Three Little Birds" is one of my favorite songs, so this is a special entry. Tell that doctor that I will be checking up on him so his diagnosis better be accurate (too bad House wasn't available).
    Love ya lots, Mom